Trigeminal Nerve: Sensory Perception

This textbook page was created as part of a neuroanatomy course in the Biomedical Communications program. The assignment goal was to emulate a real-world workflow by following a stylesheet (created by the class as a group) and dividing the illustration tasks among students. Anatomical atlases, photographs, and textbook images were used for reference. See below for work in progress.


Biology students


Prof. Dave Mazierski, Prof. Shelley Wall


May 2018

Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator


Print, 8.5 x 11 in.

Cao_Amy_Phase 2-01-01.jpg

Progress Work


The initial sketch and layout for this page on the trigeminal nerve was created by Bernadette MacNeil. I created a sketch on the topic of white fiber tracts in the brain.

Sketch by Bernadette MacNeil

My project sketch

Vector Work and Rendering

The sketch was then passed on to Avesta Rastan, who completed the vector linework in Adobe Illustrator. Finally, the Illustrator file was passed to me and I rendered the images in Adobe Photoshop.

My final render

Vector work by Avesta Rastan

My final render


AMY CAO 2019