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Biomimicry Infographic

The goal of this infographic was to create a novel information visualization explaining the concept of biomimicry to an educated non-specialist audience. Biomimicry, according to Merriam-Webster, is “the imitation of natural biological designs or processes in engineering or invention.” Existing resources aimed at the public often give shallow explanations of complex scientific concepts and make ineffective use of visuals. Through the integration of text, images, and diagrams into a carefully structured and curated infographic, this piece aims to guide the viewer through three fundamental applications of biomimicry in engineering, namely surface, shape, and structure. The 10’x24′ layout is designed for a fold-out magazine spread, such as in National Geographic.

Created while at the Biomedical Communications program for a data visualization course with Prof. Jodie Jenkinson. Awarded a 2019 Association of Medical Illustrators Award of Excellence.

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