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Figure for the Salk Institute's Wahl lab on the role of tuft cells in pancreatic cancer. Published in Gastroenterology.

DelGiorno, K. E., Chung, C. Y., Vavinskaya, V., Maurer, H. C., Novak, S. W., Lytle, N. K., Ma, Z., Giraddi, R. R., Wang, D., Fang, L., Naeem, R. F., Andrade, L. R., Ali, W. H., Tseng, H., Tsui, C., Gubbala, V. B., Ridinger-Saison, M., Ohmoto, M., Erikson, G. A., O'Connor, C., … Wahl, G. M. (2020). Tuft Cells Inhibit Pancreatic Tumorigenesis in Mice by Producing Prostaglandin D2. Gastroenterology, 159(5), 1866–1881.e8.

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